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The Indo-Pacific Partnership for Prosperity (IP3) is a collaboration of public, private and non-profit leaders dedicated to promoting opportunities to support pillars II-IV of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) that strengthen Indo-Pacific supply chains, promote sustainability, and expand fair economic opportunities in IPEF partner economies.

Launched in May of 2022, The Indo-Pacific Economic Framework is an initiative between the
United States, Australia, Brunei, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, which seeks to advance the resilience, sustainability, inclusiveness, economic growth, fairness, and competitiveness of the 14 IPEF economies. This partnerships revolves around three of the Frameworks pillars to include supply chains, clean economy, and fair economy.

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"This partnership brings together crucial private and nonprofit expertise, capital, and energy to help us fulfill President Biden’s vision for IPEF by driving progress across our shared supply chain, climate, and workforce objectives in the region."

- Gina Raimondo
   U.S. Secretary of Commerce



Improve understanding of and catalyze growth and progress in critical supply chains and enable businesses of all sizes to assess and improve their supply chain postures.

Partnership Goals



Support IPEF Partners economies' energy transitions and clean economy goals by bolstering climate technology supply chains and expanding availability and reliability of clean energy sources, including by catalyzing private investment in clean energy and technology.



Bolster workforce development and upskilling initiatives across IPEF Partners to strengthen the skilled workforce, which will underpin more resilient supply chains in critical sectors.

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