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Anthony Tan

Co-Founder, Grab

Anthony Tan is Group CEO and Co-Founder of Grab, Southeast Asia’s leading mobile technology company. By focusing on a hyperlocal business strategy and building strategic partnerships, Tan and his team transformed Grab from a taxi booking app to the market leading O2O consumer app and open ecosystem in Southeast Asia. Grab today offers a diversified portfolio of services, providing access to affordable transport, food and essential goods delivery, mobile payments and financial services, and other lifestyle services.

Anthony is at the forefront of the “Grab for Good” social impact program - which includes partnerships and initiatives to drive digital literacy, economic inclusion and the development of technology skills across Southeast Asia. Grab is estimated to have contributed US$8.5 billion to Southeast Asia’s economy in the 12 months leading up to March 2020. The Grab platform empowers over 9 million microentrepreneurs, including drivers, agents, merchants and small businesses across its geographic network of over 390 cities in eight countries across Southeast Asia.

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